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Leave the design to us.

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The Mitzvah Mensch Way

We know your upcoming mitzvah is a BIG day that you have dreamt about for some time. There are no cookie-cutter logos and websites here. Each design is individually crafted to fit just what you want. We want every detail to be just as amazing as you are!

What We Offer

Logo Design

Circle Logo Design

Logo Package 1

Based on your initial inputs we'll present 3 proposed draft logos to you. You'll select the one you like best and then we'll proceed through 2 subsequent editorial rounds where you can tweak the look, feel, color, style, etc.

This gives most clients plenty of time to get it just right as it's essentially three full rounds of inputs and revisions (one leading to the initial drafts and then 2 more rounds of the one you select). We'll deliver the final artwork to you within 3 days of those final edits. This Package is a fixed cost of $110 payable in advance.

TOTAL COST: $110 payable in advance

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Logo Package 2

Sometimes what you're looking for might not be as clear, or it might change a lot, or you might just really want to see a lot of options. In this case, we're happy to work with you on an hourly basis. Our rate is $75/hr with the first 2 hours paid in advance to get started.

We'll still present you with proposed draft logos, and we'll still go through rounds of edits and iterations, but you're free to tweak as much and as often as you like (though preferably wrapping up before the big day!) We'll keep you apprised of the time spent and when the initial 2 hours are consumed, if you're still iterating on the design, we'll invoice you for the next two hours and continue working.

STARTING COST: $150 payable in advance

$75/hour billable in 2-hour increments.

Logo Packages Info

A couple of notes on the above. If at the end of Package 1 you feel like we're getting close but your ideas have evolved a bit we're happy to apply your payment from Package 1 toward Package 2 and continue on that basis.

On the other hand if prior to the delivery of the final artwork in Package 1 you feel like we're not getting your vision and aren't going to even with more time, then we're happy to refund half of your Package 1 payment and part ways as friends.

We want to delight our clients and never want you to feel like you're "stuck" with us.

Website & Video Montage

Website Icon Design

Event Website

Our event websites are one-of-a-kind. We discuss your needs and desires and then create your dream representation of your Mitzvah. We can do what you need. A site with info about the day, sign-up forms, and online RSVP.

Custom Bar & Bat Mitzvah sites - Starting at $350

Custom Wedding sites - Starting at $450

Creating and maintaining template sites - Starting at $300

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A video montage is one of the highlights of the event and something you will treasure for a lifetime. We don’t want you to feel constrained when working on your masterpiece.

Send up to 300 photos, up to 5 videos and 8 song ideas and we will create a beautiful video for your mitzvah. Want to change things after seeing the first draft - we welcome your input - we want you to absolutely love what you are going to share with your family and friends!!

Custom Mitzvah montages for $399

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Transportation Management & Invitations

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Transportation Management

Are you using a bus service to transport guests to and from your event? We manage all the details for you including on the big day. Facilitate sign-ups, collect emergency contact info, maintain an up-to-date list of travelers, field text and emails from travelers and their family, send reminder emails and texts. Once you secure your transportation we take care of everything else!!

All-inclusive transportation management $250

Invitation Icon


Save-the-date and invitations are the first things your guests see about your big day. Contact us to discuss online and printed invitation choices and costs. There are a wide range of options that fit every budget.

Why Mitzvah Mensch?

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This is all about you. We want you to be happy with the finished product.

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We want your logo and website to make you excited about the big day.

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Our designs are one-of-a-kind. Styled to be uniquely you!

The day is all about you!

Every part should reflect that and it should make you happy.

That is our goal!

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What Our Clients Say


We loved all the designs it was almost too hard to pick just one. She was so patient and listened to what we really wanted.


The logo came out beautifully. It was everything I wanted without even knowing what I wanted.


Everything came together so easily. The vision in my head shone through in my logo and website and wasn't like anyone else's.

MM, M Alphabet Letter Abstract Logo monogram

mitzvah mensch

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